23 November 2017


November 23, 2017 7 Comments

I suddenly fall my attention to this pills call INCRAE, a weight gain pills, so I went to google but couldn't found anything. I looked for the laboratories name and found out that Harsen laboratories were in Indonesia. I looked for the printed name on both pills, Karben orange pills, and Harsen yellow pills, and found out the original packaging was Dexamethasone Karben and Cyproheptidine Harsen,  which are steroids and antihistamine, respectively. Sellers cheating the customers by saying it was made of multivitamin.

These pills are actually banned in Malaysia, people repack them into INCRAE bottle and rebrand them as a weight gainer. Both of them shared the side effects of increased appetite, but others side effect are more dangerous if taken without doctor's prescription, apatah lagi untuk wight gain purpose. They sell them on Lazada for RM45 and everyone was like giving good reviews and their blurring vision (which is one of the side effects). This seller started to sell this pill since one year ago. I don't know how many people already fall into such side effects,  but I hope this post can reach out as much as crowds to let them know before consuming such pills. It's better to take some protein shake or milk rather than such pills. Please read the above website for more explanation from the pharmacist.

Dr Amanina

06 October 2017

years after

October 06, 2017 0 Comments
the time approaches 2018 and here I am
a mother of two with the blessed husband
a postgraduate student with few more years to go
looking forward to self-contentment and satisfaction
improvements and betterments
marriage has counted to the 4th anniversary
and our careers are just beginning
striving hard to serve the religion
within the limited time and money
keep positive and trying
we are unique in our own ways
love yourself and what u are doing
believe in Allah in everything
may Allah ease everything