01 April 2014


April 01, 2014 0 Comments
Feel like losing my track. Losing, fearing, hating medical profession when seeing video Budak Baru. Tahu je bende tu. Im seeing it when i did posting in Hosp Selayang. (Hosp Slim River have healthy surrounding but sadly they dont have HOs there) It hurts when seeing such dedicated doctors had become a clown of medical practitioner. Jadi robot, repeating skeptical cycle, generation to generation.
Mmg menyakitkan hati. Feel like dont want to get there. With such nurses and colleagues.
But thinking of it again, when this kind of profession is deteriorating in ethics, should i let unqualified person to get in to and become the majority? What a waste of me if i’m letting such thing. Egypt’s graduate are big community, at least 70% of them have good religious ethics and knowledge. Thanks to Egypt itself and the bi’ah there. You know halal haram. You know when you cheat patient’s creatinine reading, Allah knows and there’s go Ihsan in work.
ponder of it again and again.
I know I haven’t face such kind of people in dakwah yet. Sebab xcukup extreme utk berani jumpa org2 mcm tu. Perli. Condemn. Boast people. Usually just avoid and get away from such people.
Really need some critical conversation with kaki fikir like she and she for now.
Get back to track please.