23 April 2013

President SA Node

They want the president to be like SA Node, isolated in special right auricle of the heart, not to mingle with the citizen.

How come.

If the heart is a very healthy heart, obeying every order and impulse sent from SA Node, then it's ok.

But Egypt itself is so sick,
having to many pathology,
myocardium are so flabby,
valves were stenosed and calcified,
blood supply are not equally distributed,
infarction here and there,
septal defect,
coronary atherosclerosis,

Impending heart failure.

SA Node for sure have weak control over the heart. But he does his job well.

Either Egypt sustain with medication, or undergo surgery.

Total heart repalcement.

Just pray and continue dakwah.

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Unknown said...

scroll atas.scroll bawah.nak button like pleasee ;)