10 April 2012

2 ukhuwah remedies

Today Amal asked a very beautiful question tu Khaltu,

“If we feel that our ukhwah is not strong enough and have problems, what should we do?”

Khaltu said, “Our Prophet s.a.w had give us the solution for this. Can anyone recall it?”

One of us said,”تهادوا تحابوا”
((to give presents, and you will love each other))

“Exactly. There is another one remedy. What is it?”

“انتشروا السلام” ((to spread Salaam))

“Exactly. Give presents to each other, and spread Salaam among you. Our Prophet s.a.w say, that when two Muslim shake their hands, the sins will fall down as long as their holding their hands. And the one who leave other hands later, is better than the one who leave their hands first.”

“This will encourage Muslims to hold their hands together during salaam and spread love in a very beautiful way, because everyone wants to be better than the other and looking for it.”

Everyone start to say salaam to the one beside and shakes each other hands with joking smile. Hu333

It’s a start, after STEP, to improve our ukhwah.

Step towards better ukhwah!

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