25 March 2011

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Egypt court approves moderate Islamic party
Sat, 19/02/2011 - 17:29

Photographed by Mohamed Maarouf
An Egyptian court has licensed a moderate Islamic political party, Al-Wasat 
Al-Jadid, whose application for legal status was denied by the former 

Al-Wasat was founded in 1996 when a faction broke away from the Muslim 
Brotherhood to form their own party. The party adopts a centrist platform 
and according to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace "seeks to 
interpret Islamic sharia principles in a manner consistent with the values of
 a liberal democratic system. Although al-Wasat advocates a political system 
that is firmly anchored in Islamic law, it also views sharia principles as flexible 
and wholly compatible with the principles of pluralism and equal citizenship 
Al-Wasat has been applying for legal status since 1996. They decided to
 litigate in 2009 after the court denied their application for the second time, 
alleging that the party does not have a platform and does not meet the 
conditions stipulated in the law on political parties.

mari pupuk diri dengan ilmu pengetahuan dan critical thinking.
rajin2 baca akhbar mesir. (in arabic mumkin? haha~~~~)

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Anisah Shamilah MS said...

oh ni ker group yg ahli2 nye ex-MB tuh?