20 August 2010

Project 2-Ramadhan has changed me

Project (2): Ramadhan has changed me
(Taraweeh) preparation project) 
Taraweeh is: the restful night prayer in Ramadhan

·Prepare the part of the Qur'an to be recited at night during thetaraweeh prayer. 
Read it after afternoon prayer with deliberation and reflection and you will realize the profound difference in your concentration at taraweeh prayer.
(In this way, you will achieve two recitations of the whole Qur'an: the one at taraweeh and the one after afternoon prayer).

·If possible, read the interpretation of that part or listen to a cassette on the same topic. 

Then you would achieve a rare recitation of the whole Qur'an: study recitation. 
You can then say that there is a real change in Ramadhan.
Do not say that this is difficult …
(The average length of the interpretation of each part of the Qur'an in -Sa'di's Interpretation- is only 29 pages).

baca ayat dan makna, ulang masa terawih. (kalau imam baca lain?)
usaha mana yang termampu.. :D

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