20 July 2010

tak penting

banyak sangat tak tercatat.

-Ah Choo meninggal, went to Fairy Park, kubur cina kubur kristian place.
-attachment in Hosp Selayang
-result exam third year
-visiting ulya's house
-program summer @@

these happened starting from last Saturday.
too much and couldn't be jot down the thoughts.

makman said, Allah dah kasi dah tu...banyakkan2 la amalan lagi...Allah dah bagi jugak peluang.

lain orang lain mihnahnnya..
bersesuaian dengan apa yang termampu olehnya.
(la yukallifullahu nafsan illa wus3aha)

tabahnye orang2 yang Allah bagi ujian ni..


Irene said...

dear, u did your summer elective posting in Hosp. Selayang? How was it? Am so pity, MMC force all of us to complete SEP in Russia, you know, it's FORCE!!! sobb~

Irene (in case you hv forgotte, here r some clues to remind you who I am, hahaha >> Rwg girl, Intec monkey)

amaninast said...

of course i remember you la.... :D
i even found your blog, but the whole thing were in chinese, i need to use google translator to translate your blog. lol..

i did elective in selayang, huhuhu.. ortho ward was interesting, i joined bedside teaching with uitm student. the specialist was very nice and welcoming.

this week i did in medical ward, the HOD divide us into different wards to prevent 'accumulation'. dengue ward was very welcoming, other two medical wards are a little bit challenging to adapt. everyone was busy and i know nothing even scheme of clerking patients. T__T

the week after next week, i'll be in O&G department, we manage to delay the elective as we have egypt students' program next week.

wow, quite cruel ha they force you all to do elective there. ayo.. we're not going to work there later rite? cannot do nothing other than sabar and be in patience la...

Rwg had develop very fast, TESCO has been operating, some new fly-over had been opened, new roads,new bus stop(not in front 7eleven anymore).Bintang shopping complex is bankcrupting(?), and they said Giant will take over the building, wow. so many gossip about Rawang nowadays. hhuhuhu...

you spend your summer there or coming home?

IRENE said...

Gosh, totally forgot about this... Just on FB n saw ur msg... kakaka, I was planning to attach at Selayang hosp, looking for a company but soon after I posted this comment my family moved to Rasa. It becomes so inconvenient for me to travel to Selayang every morning (ehem... I dun hv driving license and of coz not to say a car). Then I started searching info about KKB hosp, God, the hosp is just a local hosp, so small. Lastly I decided to attach at UMMC (UM money sucker!! hostel cost me rm20/day). So, u will continue attaching in Selayang Hosp in future?? Hmm... if it's possible, I wish to do my housemanship there, but after 2 yrs will probably be "kicked out" pulak~

Hoho, Em, I've 2 diff blogs (an Eng one n a chinese blog, the latter is just for fun), which hv been abandoned by the super duper burger lazy blogger, me, since > 1 month ago...

Am going home this summer, but... b4 that I need to settle my neuro n int med paper... blood's leaking out of my nostrils, orbits n ears now, spilling on the neuro notes... T_____T Help me...