07 March 2010


i sat at the corner.
looking inside with plain sight.
neurons keep discharging their neurotransmitter actively.
the buccinator, masseter, orbicularis oris, and minor muscles keep contracting and relaxing.
some lower limbs muscle contract the hip towards the earth, and some of other contract the knee joint straight.
they repeat for several times to perform their tongue.
the audience might suffer from numbness, trapped between two edges.
the words end with lacrimation and tears.
the physical heart stop from tachy to brady.
the virtual heart turns from unsatisfied to forgiveness.
and the crowds went home.
cant wait to relax every single functioning workers in their body.

selemah2 ukhwah adalah berlapang dada.
luv you akhawat gen07.


Dr. E-iN said...

harap2 selesai semuanya tadi..
em,aku sayang kamu!!!
haha =)
Suka tgk gaya em yang sempoi dan senyap,tapi sebenarnya em PENUH!!sekali dimuntahkan,ibarat volcano yang meletus..
lihat saja post ini! ;0

[amiza malik] said...

ayu amiza likes this very very much.

[fathiyyah] said...


Unknown said...

siryes kelakar em~_^
love u so much lah!!!~

moga nilaian langit yg menjadi neraca kita,bukan neraca dunia yang kerapkali mengundang sengsara=)