05 January 2010

what i got today

we're not kindergarden.

this is not cattle.
this is Intermediate Host/ Reservoir Host.

one hour is neither short nor long.
no time to cheat.
don't cheat ye kawan2.
i know some of us are cheating--ya salam.. budak mesir pun ade kes cmni..
Parasites are interesting, with great Head of Department.
Lets score!

"Time is un-replenishable resource."
"Nothing on Earth are static. CHANGE is a constant thinking of process."
"Plan the work, then work the plan."
"Compete and Arise simultaneously."


Anisah Shamilah MS said...

"Time is un-replenishable resource."

sy suke sgt ayat ini...

thanx to HIM ak ade kwn2 yg halang ak drponteng kelas leadership td.

amaninast said...

senanye tak wujud pkataan unreplenishable dalam kamus..haha~

tu r, ak harap aku g kelas leadership ade la manfaat yg aku xdapat sebelum nih..n alhamdulillah..we got what we need act..=D

[fathiyyah] said...

aku pulak terpejam mata dlm kelas leadership smlm.. huhu hu