28 January 2010

baba ali?

Ask Baba Ali- "Worrying & Aging Sister"

new things that can fill ur upcoming winter vacation..huhu..
kurgkn melagho, tingktkan amal, berehat dgn cara yg diberkati.. ;D

buat kakak2 gen07 di La Zaghlouly, Abou Rish, Mounira, Sayyeda Zeinab, slmt study!


iman lazoughly said...

sisters network kan ada...

thumbs up la baba ali.
tu la org ckp, org yg lahir Islam susah nak rase nikmat Islam.

Anisah Shamilah MS said...

nape ko lgi awl promote????
tergelak sakan tgk dia~

btw, sume org sedang menggunakan bakat masing2 to promote islam kan? choosing their own ways to contribute sumthing...
hurm...kite ni cmne ni?

princess said...

good one! haha..

suke ayt ni.. men are blind when it come to women signal..

amaninast said...

first thing first:

1-realistic. there's no mr.perfect and there's no prince charming. hoho~~
2-let everyone know that u r serious about getting married. ;D
sister's network~`
3-go to proper channel.
dont just sit and hoping for someone to come.
4-doa and pray istikharah.

the one quality that bring success to marriage is deen.
first thing to be look is deen.
marriage is half of deen, so don't expect to completing half ur deen as easy task.
marriage itu satu trial juge.huhu~

semoge diberi kekuatan utk menghadapinye..