09 April 2009

# tag

tag dr fatty


1. open this website: http://www.quizbox.com/personality/test82.aspx

2. take the personality quiz

3. copy and paste the result into your blog

4. tag your friends

Your view on yourself:

You are intelligent, honest and sweet. You are friendly to everybody and don't like conflict. Because you're so cheerful and fun people are naturally attracted to you and like to talk to you.
(trimas~ xD)

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:

You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.

(i like bapek person =D)

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You prefer to get to know a person very well before deciding whether you will commit to the relationship.
(woops, adkh itu memilih? =.=)

The seriousness of your love:

Your have very sensible tactics when approaching the opposite sex. In many ways people find your straightforwardness attractive, so you will find yourself with plenty of dates.
(asal same ngn fatty..jgn pcaye)

Your views on education

Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.
(btol la jgk..)

The right job for you:

You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.
(act,xsuke keje yg kne cr sendiri dan byk intrvw dan berisiko utk dibuang tnpe kesalahan)

How do you view success:

You are confident that you will be successful in your chosen career and nothing will stop you from trying.

What are you most afraid of:

You are afraid of things that you cannot control. Sometimes you show your anger to cover up how you feel.
(yup2,tp tak reti marah, so diam je)

Who is your true self:

You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.

beta tagged-

sesape yg nk..=D


[fathiyyah] said...

em,apsal banyak sama ngn aku?
kite banyak jodoh ke?


ding dong said...

u like bapek person?? bapek person=medad bapek?? hahahahhahaha XD

amaninast said...


medad mane bapek...
medad sengal~

bapek utk sume~

fatty:tu mknenye ade biochemistry