27 March 2009

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Practical Physiology 26.3.09

Pregnancy test. BMR. BMI.

In pregnancy test, we're searching for human chorionic gonadotropin(hCG). hCG is formed by syncitiotrophoblast of the blastocele. hCG is found in the blood 6 days after contraception. Appearance of hCG in urine can be detected 14 days after contraception. Pregnancy test can be performed 1 week after contraception, or 1 week before the expected date of the next mens. Agglutination of urine or blood sample marks positive pregnancy test.

BMR or basal metabolic rate, are calculated 12 hours after the last meal. Two methods are use to calculate the value, which are direct or indirect. But people nowadays didnt use the direct method anymore as it is quite silly and is not very accurate.

In metabolic rate, they found that 4.8 calories are produced per liter oxygen consumed. BMR equals metabolic rate divides total body surface area(almk,xdpt recall,sile check blk formula). Value of the total body surface area can be taken from the graph on the second last page of physiology practical book, 2nd year of course. Normal BMR value is 40 + 15%. (getting more dizzy)

Meanwhile, BMI (body mass index) is calculated by using a special gadget, named...dun know.. Joystick-like structure, first we need to enter our details, concerning our height, weight, age, and gender. Outstretch our hands while holding it, and push the button start. It will tell us upon our fat percentage, and our BMI also. Average fat percentage among men is about 25% while in women is about 35%.

P/s: Dr. Heba said that men have less fat compared to women. This is because they are more muscular. But Malaysian men are so thin, no fat, and yet no muscles too! (LOL) While Malaysian women are also thin, no fat also (but most of our reading shows fat percentage more than 35%!!)

-a kind of recall method-

kalo slh btolkn~


Anonymous said...

'But Malaysian men are so thin, no fat, and yet no muscles too!'
sape yg ckp ??
ko ke dr.hebah??confess cepat..

Anonymous said...

Wallahi..dr. Heba yg ckp!

Anisah Shamilah MS said...

Lawak la tyme dr hebah ckp,dgn muka plik n ckp, korg ni x excersize ke?huhu~

ye3!ak nye kurg 35%..
Korg mmg ar,sume BMI x ckup,mmgla ratio fat bnding BMI jd x mlbey2..

wani mangat said...

miah 35%??asal aku 41%??wei..ths is not fair!korg sume contibute heat kt ak.

Anonymous said...

terpaksa akur dgn kelemahan diri..huhu~~

amaninast said...

Milah:nk kate x exrcise,nmpk malaysian man cm aktp je. Dk pmpn xpyh ckp la,dr zmn skola kalo time riadah dok tepi longkg cabut rumput smbl curhat..wakaka...

Wani:wani! Ak rase nisbh fat ngn muscle ko yg besar kot.2 fat ko agk tggi tuh. Ko da ckp kurus wani!

Nabil:sesungguhnya kami bcakap benar~

Anisah Shamilah MS said...

ops...less than 35% k....
tu la, korg BMI pon x ckup mmgla ratio fat jdi tggi...
weh2, ak x wat keje cabut rumput ek..ak gi main eh tyme riadhah..ko yg wat kn???????

bhya seyh kurus2 sgt, senang osteoporosis...

amaninast said...

nk wt cmne,korg yg bpengaruh conquer padang,conquer gelanggang, ak dok tepi longkg je r..nk men bdmnton kt luar,angin plak..xsyok bebeh..

ak mkn byk pon xnek2 gok,cmne?? sudahnye ak makan seadanye je r~sesuai ngn capacity stomach ak.=D

musegalo said...

kalopon laki mesya x banyak fat, muscle pun ciput jgk, tapi skurang2nye BMI kitorang masih ag normal..lam range yang ditetapkan..

amaninast said...

sbb tulang korg berat agknye.. ;))
berat tulang =.=

Dr. E-iN said...

amboi, pdg punyela luas..
mane de pnoh pdg tu..
ele2, kalo dh suke cabut rmout tu ckp jerla em..

ak taula korg watpe,mcm2 cerita kuar,
mcmla ak x pnah join..
ak xla baik sgt nk riadah tiap2 kali..huhu~