18 December 2008

# tag

leih ana di tag?

leih ana di tag~~?

a)Do you think you are hot?
medad said i'm cool~

b)Upload your favourite picture of you

c)Why do you like that picture?
lmbg kesatuan 3 negare lps solat sunat rye hji~~

d)When is your last time you ate Pizza?
ha3!lpas blk klas quran,mkn ngn fatty n huden!!

e)The last song you listen to?
lagu blog hud2~

f)What are you doing right now beside this?

g)What name would you prefer beside yours?
xtpikir le plak~luv my own name..*_*

h)People I tag..jeng jeng jeng..dup dap dup
2.no one
3.no body
4.ma fisy
5.musy maugud

i)Who is number one?
sedeynye..gare2 malas nk tag sesape..make..soalan2 seterusnye akn dibiarkn bgitu saje..hu3~

j)Number 3 is having relationship with?

k)Say something about no 5

l)How about number 4?

m)Who is number 2?
jawabkan!penat la~


wani mangat said...

em!!!kretipnye gmba tu!!!aah!!br pasan tige ngre..em bgge jd rkyat cine..cis!ma UK aa em

amaninast said...

aiseh..wrong country plak..=(